Raza's Manifesto

Ok, Gary Vee asks:

What do you want to do?

I want to spend hours a day creating. It's what I'm good at. It's what I did as a kid and in middle school with legos, it's what I did in high school with graphing calculator programs, it's what I did in college as a software specialist, it's what I've done in all my work since college: sit down at a computer and write code. I'm always building, designing, and creating. In the zone, in a flow state.

This goes for music too. I started writing my own electronic music in 2012, and I loved every minute of it. I loved reading books on music theory, on drum programming, on composition, chord progressions, all of it. I started writing pure piano music in 2018 and early 2019. I want to spend hours a day writing beautiful, emotional music. Music that makes you feel something, happiness, sadness, anything. Moody, atmospheric music. Music I like listening to.

And I want to get better at both. The more I create, the better I get. I want people to use the software I write. I want people to listen to the music I make. I want to get my creations into the hands of more and more people. I want people to get so much value/enjoyment out of my creations. 

I had this thought recently, that I can accomplish so many things with my creativity. I literally typed out:

dude wtf.

you can go write music for movies and video games. and make money. 

and you can go do live performances where you do live coding. like you are making music on the fly using code. you could so do that.

and then improv along w piano too.

and you can open up a school or build a product / online course where you teach people to code using music / live coding.

then help them 1 on 1 when students get stuck or have questions.

So that's the vision for my future. I continue making music, and over time it's good enough and gets enough exposure that it gets into movies and video game soundtracks. And I get paid to do it. That would be so cool!

And I do enjoy improv, and I do enjoy being in front of people presenting, or performing in this case. Being up on stage writing code that controls the music would be pretty cool. Like live coding a beat from scratch, live coding an entire multi-hour DJ set from scratch. I love creating something from nothing. Just an idea in my head. That would be fucking cool.

And I do enjoy teaching, helping people 1-on-1 especially. It bothers me how bad high schools and K12 education in general are in America. What can we do to fix it? Can I start my own school, that's a million times better? Can I teach kids to code, using music as the vessel? Can I build an online course along these lines that students can work through on their own time? And if they want, they can book live chat time with me when they get stuck or need some guidance? Can I build an amazing Art & Technology school? Free for all? The students come in, learn how to make amazing art with technology both new and old. They are so good that they are wildly successful afterwards. And a percentage of their earnings goes back to fund the school. Is that possible? Do I want to build that? I don't know, but it would be cool if someone did.

But I do love being alone for hours creating, designing, and building beautiful things. Code, music. I like helping people in person, teaching them. I want to do this everyday and I want to get so good that people can't help but notice and admire my work. The end.